Seed Planting Dates

If you live in Barrie or Innisfil, ON, the planting zone is 5a and the last frost date is May 20 (Veseys Canada). These are the seed planting dates for common vegetables and herbs.

Start indoors before last frost:

8-10 weeks: parsley, peppers

6-9 weeks: eggplant

6-8 weeks: tomato, tomatillo

6 weeks: broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage

4-6 weeks: cauliflower, collards, okra

5-7 weeks: basil

3-4 weeks: chamomile pumpkin

2-4 weeks: squash, sweet corn, cucumber

Transplant seedlings outdoors:

4 weeks before last frost: collards

3 weeks before last frost: brussel sprouts, cabbage

2 weeks before last frost: broccoli, cauliflower, parsley

1 week after last frost: chamomile, tomato, tomatillo

2 weeks after last frost: basil, sweet corn, cucumber, peppers, squash

3 weeks after last frost: eggplant, okra, pumpkin

Direct sow:

As soon as soil can be worked: greens

4-6 weeks before last frost: peas, radish, spinach

2 weeks before last frost: beets, carrots, onion

2 weeks after last frost: beans