Seed Growing

Learn how to grow seeds from your favourite vegetables, herbs and flowers for your home gardens.

Boundary Garlic Farm: (Midway, BC) Specializing in organic heritage garlic for seed. An excellent resource for "Growing Garlic" at home.

Cold Seed Stratification: A method to help some seeds germinate better, particularly wildflower seeds. Good resource at American Meadows (USA) and a "speed-dial" method at Wildflower Farm (Coldwater, ON).

Community Seed Network: (USA & Canada) A collaborative initiative between the Seed Savers Exchange and USC Canada. Connects and supports community seed initiatives by providing resources, information, and a platform for networking. An excellent resource for seed growers of all levels.

Garden & Happy: Tips on growing different varieties of garlic at home, plus other helpful articles like companion planting and how to keep your seeds viable.

Grow Garlic at Home!: (Innisfil, ON) Learn how to grow garlic in your home garden with Bridget Indelicato, Founder, Innisfil Seed Library.

How to Test Seed Viability: (Innisfil, ON) Seed viability testing is a simple process used to determine the rate of germination of your older seeds. The higher the rate, preferably 70% or higher, the greater chance of growing a healthy plant with vigorous seeds. This essential process is easy, fast and inexpensive.

Learn to Grow Seeds Indoors! (Innisfil, ON) Learn how to grow your favourite vegetable, herb and flower seeds with Bridget Indelicato, Founder, Innisfil Seed Library.

Populuxe Seed Bank: (Edmonton, Alberta) Through the help of several dedicated growers each year, between all of us, we are able to currently regrow, share, and store 80-100 varieties per year. The Populuxe Seed Bank is not affiliated with any companies, governments, or institutions. It is run by myself, with the assistance of independent growers.

Urban Tomato: (Peterborough, ON) A carefully curated collection of heirloom seeds and the info you need to save and grow your own!

You Grow Girl:  (Toronto, ON) This contemporary, laid-back approach to organic gardening places equal importance on environmentalism, style, affordability, art, and humour. The project’s aim has always been to promote exploration, excitement and a d.i.y approach to growing plants without the restrictions of traditional ideas about gardening.